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THANK YOU!!! to everybody who attended for a fun and successful show.  I would like to give a special thanks to all the OCE Team Members and Volunteers for all your help.

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • We had 200 people attend our show!!!  It's the highest turnout for the OCE so far.

  • We gathered 50 lbs. of food for the Central Kitsap Food Bank!!!

  • Jeffrey Veregge at the OCE raised $1,135 to support the Watson Family!!!

  • We all had a great time interacting and networking with attendees, vendors, and artists while doing great work for the Kitsap Community.

  • For our next event, we will make an official announcement for our next location once we have our next OCE committee meeting. Stay tuned as we will inform everyone. Please let us know if any feedback you may have as we really want to keep improving the OCE.  

We hope to see you around at other conventions (Jet City) or just around the Kitsap Area. 

Counting down the days to OCE! OCT 1st, 2016

OCE is just around the corner, Oct 1st! We are excited to be in a larger venue with more vendors which equals more fun. Come on out to Silverdale in Kitsap County and join us. Find collectibles, talk to artists and fans alike, play games or just hang out... and eat yummy food:) Let your friends and family know about us. 

Save $1 off of admission with a canned/non-perishable food item at the front door. All food donations go to the Central Kitsap Food Bank. 

Most needed items are canned chili, soups, tomato products (sauce, stewed, diced), veggies and fruits

Click to download

Click to download

Download and share the flyer above. 

Silver Beach Hotel

Silver Beach Hotel

Artist & Vendor Tables Sold Out for the October 1st Show !!!

Thank you to all the artists & vendors who signed up!!!!  This is a great accomplishment and we look forward to seeing all of you at our new location at The Silverdale Beach Hotel Ballroom. 

The OCE is dedicated to organizing a high quality pop culture event on the Olympic Peninsula. Comics, gaming, art, cosplay are all available for fans of the imaginative. 



One month till the OCE!!! 

Come and support this great Kitsap County event for the whole family. OCE is also an excellent opportunity to network with people and artists who are fans of all genres in pop-culture. DOWNLOAD AND SHARE OUR EVENT FLYER HERE.

Check out the Artists and Vendors who will attend  our October 2016 Show!

Please check out the vendor and current artist tabs!!!!