Anti-Harassment Policy

Olympic Collectible Expo (OCE) believes in creating an environment where every attendee, vendor and staff member is treated with respect and dignity. 

The OCE has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:

Stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, sustained disruption of panels, signings, and other events, Inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention.

Our policy applies to EVERYONE attending our event. Exhibitors, fans (attendees), guests, professionals, press, staff, and security are all subject to our Anti-Harassment Policy and will be held to the same standards and disciplinary action.

Please report any serious incidents or concerns to a OCE Staff Member or volunteer, indicated by our badge or T-Shirt, if you are being harassed, witness someone else being harassed or have any other concerns immediately. 

Again, any act of bullying or harassment is not tolerated. If an attendee of any type is believed to be in violation of our rules, they will be asked to leave immediately without reimbursement of any kind and we are happy to contact facility security or local law enforcement at the Kitsap County Sheriff Department.


Policies of attending the Olympic Collectible Expo

You must have your hand stamp or badge visual at all times while attending the OCE.

No alcohol, drugs or smoking tobacco/vaping products are allowed at Olympic Collectible Expo.  This includes the all the convention rooms where OCE activities are being held.  You are welcome to step outside of the hotel to smoke/vape only in the designated smoking areas.   Again, we reserve to right to ask a person(s) to leave our event if they don’t abide to these policies.  

Please help keep clean hotel facilities and be respectful of the hotel staff and guests.  Please don’t hang any flyers, posters, or props on the walls of the convention rooms or in the hotel common areas unless you are approved by the hotel staff and the OCE Staff or Volunteers. 

By paying and attending the OCE you agree that any images or video taken by OCE staff or volunteers may be used by the OCE for any marketing or advertising purposes at any time.   

No retail sales are allowed anywhere in OCE unless you purchased or were allocated vendor space. This includes the convention rooms, common areas such as lobbies, program rooms, and the hotel parking lot. Retail sales are strictly limited to the exhibitors in the Olympic Collectible Expo.  

Most importantly: This is family event and make sure you thank people for coming and of course have a great time building connections with local comic book artists, vendors, and fellow fans.  Thank you for coming to the OCE and we appreciate the support of the Kitsap County Community!!!